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The world’s first (and only) underwater post office is just off the beach at Hideaway Island. It might be manned by Vanuatu Post staff in Scuba gear but, if not, there’s a post box for when no one’s at the counter. You can buy special waterproof postcards at the gift shop and snorkel or dive down to post them. Visit


This is a very efficient and very expensive monopoly. French owned and run it takes care of power and water. The Unelco sponsored annual Piste de Bleu is hard to beat and they do a lovely job lighting up the trees along the harbour front at Christmas.


The Emalus Campus of the university has the law faculty for the South Pacific. It also caters to a range of other courses. It is situated just past the turn off to Le Meridien. Visit


Most roads around Port Vila are sealed and generally those that aren’t sealed are in okay condition. The only rule is to take it slowly. Potholes in sealed roads can be more of a hazard. Once one starts it can become deep in a downpour of torrential rain. As there is no blue metal (or whatever it is they put in tar) on the island, they fill the holes with coral, which, in the next downpour, actually helps gouge the hole into an even deeper state. Some time back, the Australian government allocated aid to supply enough tar to seal a good road all the way around the island but the cash-strapped government of the day on-sold it to the tiny nation of Niue. The US government has now supplied aid money for a sealed road around Efate – it is in good condition and has been a huge benefit – touring the island is now a breeze!

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