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The yacht club is conveniently situated in a small mall that also houses the aptly named Anchor Inn. So once you’ve checked you and your boat in with customs, you can head straight to the bar for a Tusker. Ross Wilson is the current commodore of the Vanuatu Cruising Yacht Club and he says it’s all about having fun, which they do a lot of.

Racing is every other Sunday during the season. If you want to get on board hang out at the wharf near the Waterfront Bar and Grill early Sunday morning or check the board at the Seven Seas Yacht Club (adjacent). Someone is bound to pick you up. Port Vila’s principal mooring is Yachting World. A CD based cruising guide to Vanuatu is available from Cruising Vanuatu.


Mt Yasur, on Tanna Island, is the main reason to visit.  There are custom ceremonies, caves and the unique John Frum Cargo Cult on Sulphur Bay, but the volcano is the big attraction – and it is one of the world’s most accessible and spectacular. An overnight trip is almost a must for the volcano’s amazing display of fireworks. It’s 360m above sea level and surrounded by an ash plain. From the car park to the volcano’s rim it’s a 20-minute walk and, once there, you can look down to a fiery, booming cauldron of molten rock spurting from three vents. Please check with the National Tourism Office on the state of the volcanic activity before heading off, it can be very active and there has been loss of life. Many locals believe the spirits of the dead live within the volcano. Yasur is also the home of the Volcano Post Office.


Françoise Passard (Tel: 22 952) conducts yoga sessions in Vila that are open to all comers. Cercle Sportif (Tel: 27 177) is located next to the Municipal Stadium and offers yoga sessions as well as exercise and aerobics lessons in the gym and tennis/squash. If you’re going to do yoga you should look the part.


Vanuatu is an archipelago of islands shaped like the letter Y. Vanuatu’s national flag has a black Y on its side, breaking up the colours red, yellow and green. The Y symbolises all the islands that make up Vanuatu.

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