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There’s one Zebra Crossing in Port Vila (near the netball courts) – but this isn’t a cheap excuse to find something to go under ‘Z’. Crossing the main roads in Port Vila can be both dangerous and easy, depending. Visitors from Australia and New Zealand will have a ‘look to the left’ first habit, which can get them into trouble as the cars will be approaching from the right. In the main street, buses and cars will slow and let pedestrians cross – look for a flash of headlights. If driving, especially at night, be wary of pedestrians. Be especially wary if driving in the wee hours of Saturday or Sunday morning as men on their way home from nakamals (kava bars) may not have the leg coordination to walk in a straight line.


ZegoNow there’s a ‘Z’ word you don’t see every day!

Zego Sports Craft Adventures Vanuatu offers a terrific way to see beautiful Port Vila. Take-off on one of their exciting sea safari water tour adventures and command your own Zego Sports Craft.

Guides will take you through the pristine waters of the Port Vila Bay area and along with the scenery you get the fun of high speed water U-Power!

Email: – phone: 774 2442.


An example of a ni-Vanuatu name, and a name that belongs to a delightful bloke who took up carving full time after leaving the harbourfront Nambawan Café (near the souvenir markets). He then went back into hospitality, running the bar and working in the restaurant at Sunset Bungalows then moved on to Angelfish Cove Villas.

Sort of lost touch with Zilo then but his wife, Elizabeth, may still work at Nambawan and he is pretty well-known around town. Zilo and I have been on the road together, promoting Vanuatu around Australia and New Zealand and for a while there he was pretty much the ni-Vanuatu face for Vanuatu.  Anyway, if you are looking for Tam Tam carvings or wooden pigs – Zilo is your man.


Just a reminder of the power of the sun in the tropics. SPF 30+ sunscreen should be used but for sensitive areas like the nose, lips and tops of ears, nothing beats the impenetrable zinc cream, which also comes in an array of trendy colours.


Okay, this is a cheap excuse for a ‘Z’ word because there is no zoo in Vanuatu. The closest is the Secret Garden at Mele where you can see fruit bats, rare banded lizards, snakes, coconut crabs, turtles, pigs and many different species of birds.


I could have said that some restaurants serve zabaglione, that there are zebra fish to be found on the reefs, that Zen is practised by some Chinese residents, that zephyrs roll across the lagoons and kava can make you feel like a zombie! All true, but probably a little bit silly.

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