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Welcome to Vanuatu A-Z, the simple guide to what Vanuatu has to offer the visitor – attractions, information, history and little known facts.

This site has been written by people who have lived in Vanuatu, visit Vanuatu regularly, know Vanuatu and love Vanuatu. Why? Because we want visitors to return home with wonderful memories and spread the word about this safe, friendly and rewarding destination. We have offices in Brisbane and Melbourne in Australia and, of course, in Port Vila, Vanuatu!

This is a thumbnail guide to Vanuatu, along with some quirky, personal observations. It has been written for a ‘fun’, entertaining and informative read. If you would like a quote on flights and/or accommodation, drop us (Tropical Holiday Deals) an email or give us a call.

If you just want to touch base for a chat with one of our consultants about travelling to Vanuatu, cost and obligation free,  contact us.

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A wide variety of fun, experience and entertainment at your finger tips.

Some stories on Vanuatu

Postcard from Dawn

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G’day my name is Dawn and my fiancé, Gavin, and I just had the most fabbo holiday in Vanuatu and I just want to tell you about some of it.

A Paradoxical Paradise

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Ian Heydon’s Port Vila. As with any place in the world, living in Vanuatu is a vastly different experience to visiting for a holiday.

Living in Vila

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Jenny Gray’s Port Vila. So what if the house girl dyes all your undies pink or yellow as in my first case of undie assassination.

A Vanuatu Wedding

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My first thought when I hopped off the plane was one of disbelief, it looked like I had arrived at a little outback Australian airstrip.

Vanuatu Weddings

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Why do couples choose the tropics for weddings?

Customs at Customs

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As Dorothy once said to Toto, “I don’t think we’re in Kansas anymore.” This statement couldn’t have been truer for my first experience of Vanuatu’s government services, namely customs.

Port Vila Morning…

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Port Vila through the eyes of children. A compilation from the Port Vila International School Creative Writing group in the style of Dylan Thomas.

Port Vila Daze

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24 hours in Port Vila through some adult writers’ eyes in the style of Dylan Thomas.

Two Old Jokes That Kinda Fit…

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A satirical look at a couple of characters you could well spot on a Vanuatu visit.

Hair Today, Braid Tomorrow!

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What looks fantastic, has endless combinations and mutations, and means you never have to have a bad hair day (on your holiday)? Hair braiding!

Malakula Island

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As Jenny found out, the outer islands of the archipelago have plenty to offer those seeking something other than your ‘standard’ resort style holiday.

Vanuatu’s A Dive!

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Scuba diving in Vanuatu is usually excellent, in the dive sites themselves, accessibility, water temperature and visibility.

Vanuatu To A Tee!

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Golfing in Vanuatu can be rewarding for both the handicapped and the hackers, however you may find that some of the metal flag pins have ‘gone missing’ – they make terrific spears for fishing!

Something Fishy About Vanuatu

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Vanuatu offers some of the best fishing in the South Pacific. Sports and game anglers pull in marlin, wahoo, dorado, yellowfin tuna, swordfish and a host of other fighting fish.

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