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Fatumaru-Lodge-Vanuatu-Hotel-Exterior-13Fatumaru opened in mid 2004 and owners Pascal and Patricia created a unique boutique property. Located right on the bay, a ten-minute walk from town (airport side) or a quick bus ride, these studio apartments are air-conditioned, self-contained and excellent value.

There are eight seafront units and two seaview one-bedroom apartments. There’s a swimming pool with Jacuzzi, poolside BBQ and jetty. Seafront apartments can connect for families or couples travelling together.

There’s a tour desk to arrange tours and outings and if you need to ‘phone home’ to Fatumaru, it’s a hard number to forget – 23456.

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Another tropical paradise that’s definitely worth a visit. Find out more at our sister site Fiji A-Z.


Dangling a line off the side of a wharf, boat or shore probably won’t result in dinner. There are fish aplenty but you have to know where to find them or have patience. If there were schools of edible fish flitting about in the harbour, the locals would beat you to them. If you want to get amongst the big fish – tuna, marlin etc – head to the Waterfront Bar & Grill to tee up a charter boat or to Nautilus just up the hill from there.


FlagThe Vanuatu flag may look a bit like a licorice allsort but a lot of thought went into it when independence came in 1980. A competition was held and won by Kalontas Mahlon from Emau Island (Kalantos works in Vila Handprints).

The green represents the richness of the land and agriculture, the red is the blood that unites the people (and a reminder of the blood spilled at the hands of the whites), the black is the colour of the indigenous people’s skin, the yellow depicts enlightenment through Christianity, the ‘Y’ is the shape of the archipelago of 83 islands, the curled tusk of the valued pig symbolises prosperity and, inside the tusk, is the mele leaf, a symbol of peace.


The flying fox (fruit bat) is nocturnal and noisy and lives on fruit and flowers. It has long been part of the ni-Vanuatu diet and adventurous visitors can find it on the menu at l’Houstalet. It’s a dark, gamey meat – and maitre ‘d Clement’s explanation of why his recipe is the best in the country – the juice they cook the bat in comes from ‘ze gertz of ze bat’. (For the scientific – flying foxes are large bats of the suborder Megachiroptera)


There are a couple of florists, which is handy if you’re caught short on Valentine’s Day or wanting a special posy for a wedding. If you want local cut flowers, head to the markets where a couple of hundred vatu will buy a huge exotic bunch.


As well as having the advantage of being a tax-free environment (see Taxes), Vanuatu is also actively touting its commercial and business infrastructure, political stability, ease of international access, membership in regional and international alliances, and it’s particpatory role in the development of the SW Pacific generally as good reasons for investors to view Vanuatu as an attractive investment opportunity. Visit the Vanuatu Investment Promotion Authority website for more information, including Foreign Investment Review Board guidelines, and online applications for potential investors.


Soccer has the biggest local following although rugby is attracting larger crowds each year. International football is followed by most expatriates and, if there’s a test match between Australia and the All Blacks, head to the Anchor Inn or one of the pubs to watch it on TV – just to see the friendly rivalry between the Aussie and Kiwi expats.


Francophones are any French speaking people including ni Vanuatu who have been educated under the French system.

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